We have travelled across the country to identify skilled craftsmen and creative studios for you.

With access to a wide and diverse network of makers across India, we work with
creative studios, small craft businesses, non-profits, manufacturers and exporters to co-create for you


We work with
communities across
a range of techniques
and materials

We are constantly inspired by the stunning complexity yet simple elegance of handcrafted goods from around the country – be it heirloom weaves woven on back-strap looms in Nagaland, handworked metal from a 400 year old coppersmith community in Pune, a 300 year old glass mosaic craft from Rajasthan, or the simple silhouettes of hand thrown clay on a potters wheel from a potters’ town in Khurja. We have travelled across the country and to the hinterlands to bring you an authentic list of suppliers from places that anchor these crafts.

Maker Network

We connect you with
maker communities to
bring your vision to life.

Explore our maker network to find
the best creators to bring your vision to life.
Work with individual creators or creative
communities to commission products for
personal use or sourcing for your brand.



Designer Network

We connect you with designers to conceptualize your vision.

Work with our in-house design team or connect with small studios, architects and independent designers to create products for personal and professional use, style your spaces or deliver a creative project that requires working with craft.



Are you a maker?

If you’re a craft-based brand, master artisan, craft cooperative or non profit looking to connect with like-minded buyers across the world, we can be of service.

Are you a designer?

If you’re an architect, studio or independent designer looking to showcase your work and partner with other makers, we would love to have you on board.

Are you a buyer looking to create something exclusive for yourself, your space or your brand?